Live Review: Tangerine Dream & Brian May

SONIC UNIVERSE CONCERT: 24/6/2011 a cosmic experience with brian may and tangerine dream

As soon as we approached the Magma Centre in Tenerife we immediately realised this would be a unique and incredible experience.


Pulp and Radiohead's 'Secret' Glastonbury Sets

The secret sets by Pulp and Radiohead were the talking point of this year's Glastonbury Festival, but anyone who decided to avoid the muddiness of Worthy Farm for a weekend of Glastontelly won't have seen them as they happened away from the glare of the cameras in The Park .


Profile: Bastions

With So much recent news regarding Glastonbury and all the big name artists, I wanted to write a blog-post on some of the lesser-known bands who, in my opinion, should be shouted about, because let's face it - they work just as hard as the rest!


I Remember K-Tel at Their Peak, I Must be Old Now...

"The 90's? If you can remember that far back you music be old" a friend's daughter said to me yesterday, she's 10 and although I didn't want her to think I was really old, she reminded me that actually I can remember things back in the late 70's, Star Wars, The Jonestown Massacre (my friends 'The Quietly Spoken Gentlemen" and I will one day take our musical version out on tour)

A Couple of Highlights From Glastonbury..

My first personal highlight is from Queens of the Stone Age, who played last night (Sun 26th). I saw QOTSA in 2008 at Reading Festival, and they are great live - so full of energy (the mosh pit was quite scary though!), so I was quite looking forward to seeing them again. Here is a clip of the fantastic 'No one Knows'.

Glastonbury Armchair Highlights

Being something of a confirmed alternative/weird music snob I can say with some honesty that I wasn't highly enthused by the prospect of this years' Glastonbury line-up, at least from seeing the headliners listed ...


Radiohead Surprise at Glastonbury

Radiohead and the Glastonbury Music Festival both love a good ol’ fashioned surprise. Tonight, the two musical forces will work in conjunction as Thom Yorke and co. have agreed to play a last-minute set at the festival’s Park Stage at 8pm local time, the band’s spokesperson confirmed to NME.

The Kills 'The Future Starts Slow' Video

Future Starts Slow is the second single to be released from The Kills fourth studio album Blood Pressures. Directed by Philip Andelman, the video follows the band on their travels around album release time earlier this year.


A Few Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Glastonbury..

So, for all those of you insanely jealous becasue you're missing out on this year's Glasto, here are a few 'fun facts' about the long-running festival. I hope they'll make you feel better as you realise the fact you're sitting on a warm, comfy sofa, and not wet, muddy, cold and putting off using those portaloos until the point where you just can't hold it anymore...

Profile: The Pajama Club

It's the long unanswered question. Can a Husband and Wife work together? Well if The Pajama Club are anything to go by not only can they work together, they can make some lovely sounding music too!

Album Review: Owl City

Following on from last years surprise hit record Ocean Eyes, Owl City (aka Adam Young) this week released All Things Bright And Beautiful. Still only 25 years old, Young already boasts two independently created and distributed albums on the back of a viral MySpace promotion before signing to Universal Records in time for the release of Ocean Eyes.


DIY Chart Success... with Geoff Leppard!

Here at Gigseen we are all for the underdog, we love 'em, but we can only support the underdog who is really giving it a serious go and once and a while something comes along that tells you that you can be a chart hero and still do your career in IT (everybody is in IT now aren't they?)


Flight 666 With Bruce Dickinson

Yes, we all know that Bruce Dickinson is a qualified pilot and has his own Boeing 747, but of all the things we associate this music icon with; The voice of heavy metal, amazing live concerts, and worldwide critical acclaim as the frontman of one of the biggest Heavy metal bands of all time...


Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Removed By YouTube

She has amassed nearly as many "dislikes" as she has YouTube viewers since unleashing her debut song Friday earlier this year, but now Rebecca Black's detested single has been removed from the international video site owing to a dispute with her record label.

Glastonbury: What a Load of Crap!

Next weekend's Glastonbury Festival is going green by offering 100,000 free toilet rolls to visitors over the weekend in order to increase the festivals recycling rates from the festival to 60%.


Separated At Birth?

We all enjoy a good celebrity looky like, and it was after I had been trawling the interweb for Gigseen related purposes (honest!) that I stumbled upon another good 'un.


Live Review: Download Festival, Donnington Park

Feeling sorry for myself over my lack of festival frequenting this year, I'm going to have to make do with this excellent review from The Guardian of one of rock and metal's best; Download Festival. Awarded 4 out of 5 stars, put some music on, have a read and wonder why the hell you weren't there?!

It's Not Logical, but Shatner is a Musical Genius

Trained as a classical Shakespearean actor, Bill Shatner should be heralded as highly an 'ack-tore' as his space captain successor Patrick Stewart. But really he's a bit of a misfit, an awkward child, a rogue, a bad actor who spent the 70's always having time to take off his shirt before throwing painfully fake punches at a laughable nemesis.


Profile: Ed Sheeran

As an avid music fan, musician and love of all things musical, I'm sure you all, like me, get into that hypnotic phase of playing a song or album on repeat until you can't listen to it again for at least a couple of months- by which time you're ready to re-visit it with fresh ears.


Paul McCartney / Twin Freaks - Old Dog, New Tricks

Well, this is something I feel obligated to share due to be my being generally blown away upon listening to it for the first time.


Rushent and Popovich - Behind Every Great Artist There Are Great People

It may be completely irrelevant to most, but it should matter as it is what ultimately creates greatness in an artist. Good music industry professionals are like architects


Indie Labels Set to Dominate Albums Chart

Indie labels currently occupy five of the top 10 slots in the albums chart, according to OCC midweek sales flashes, with Arctic Monkeys leading the pack.

Live Review: Jimmy Page Surprise Guest at Donovan Show

Backstage at London’s Royal Albert Hall last night, as the psychedelic folk-rock legend Donovan prepared to go on stage, a woman wheeled a harp hurriedly through a corridor, a Buddhist monk in flowing robes pressed fake pearls into the hands of passing strangers and a security radio crackled to life. "When Jimmy goes on," said a concerned-sounding male voice to nobody in particular, "it’s going to be very, very loud, okay?"


The Future is Looking More Like The Past

I'm not going to pretend I've always loved the Kaiser Chiefs. In all honesty some of their material I not only struggle with, I fight it, it's like a three and a half minute fight for life if it comes on the radio. I've nearly driven my car off a bridge scrambling for the off button.


Music Video Censorship? or More Political Smoke Screens?

GaGa Rolling Stone CoverSo the Government will release a report proposing tighter regulations on the sexualised content of music videos on monday. The main theme of the report will be the empowerment of parents to complain about inappropriate material, including advertising, partly by offering an easier way through the current confusing fog of regulatory bodies.