A Few Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Glastonbury..

So, for all those of you insanely jealous becasue you're missing out on this year's Glasto, here are a few 'fun facts' about the long-running festival. I hope they'll make you feel better as you realise the fact you're sitting on a warm, comfy sofa, and not wet, muddy, cold and putting off using those portaloos until the point where you just can't hold it anymore...

#1 Jimi Hendrixdied the day before the first Glastonbury festival was held in September 1970. That first festival was headlined by T.Rex, alongside acts including Stackridge and Al Stewart.

#2 One year a murder trial in London was been put on hold after one of the jurors was allowed time out in order to attend the festival.

#3 Glastonbury 2008 was generally deemed a success in the media - but the festival was not a sell-out. Sluggish ticket sales meant that 2008 was the first time the festival had failed to turn a profit in 39 years.

#4 It's easy to forget that Glastonbury was once the site of violence as well as peace and love. In 1991 there was a major tussle between police and new-age travellers. When the festival returned in 1992, the long-running unspoken rule - travellers got in for free - was suspended.

#5 In 2007, 2,485 miles of toilet roll were on site for the opening day. That’s as far as London is from Baghdad.

#6 The Pyramid Stage made its debut in 1981. Back then it was made of corrugated iron and telegraph poles and doubled as a cowshed the rest of the year.

That's your lot folks. You can now rest easy with your new found festival knowledge and feel that smug smile slowly creep onto your face as you get into the luxury that is your bed. Hell - I'm not bitter. Until next year, Goodnight!

Source: nme.com