Mother Monster Moshes to Maiden

It seems Lady Gaga has no secrets about her love for metal music. In fact, one of her favourite metal bands are the legends, Iron Maiden, whom she recently went to see on their current world tour.


Gil Scott-Heron Dies in Hospital

The US artist died in a New York hospital on Friday, after becoming sick on returning from a European trip.

His style melded jazz, blues political expression and spoken-word poetry on songs such as The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, which critiqued mass media in the 1970s.


Bob Dylan at 70

Cowboys of Soul Bob Dylan artHappy birthday, Bob Dylan. He merits the congratulations, of course, but not the sort we extend to famous people whom we celebrate for simply making it through to another year. As anyone who’s seen him perform live over the past few years knows, Dylan can still put on fierce, machine-gun-blasting, nostalgia-free concerts. And he’s still capable of releasing new albums containing cocky, disconcerting, headlong music.


The Human League Autumn Tour Dates

The Human League

British synthpop icons The Human League will reportedly forgo a U.S. release of their latest LP, Credo. They will, however, cross the Atlantic this fall when they team up with fellow 80s new wavers The B-52s and Men Without Hats for a September tour.


Chad VanGaalen Video, Music & Tour Dates

Chad VanGaalen is a wildly talented artist, illustrator and animator from Calgary. And on June 13th, Sub Pop Records has the very great privilege of releasing Chad’s new full-length record, Diaper Island, on CD (round, small-ish), LP (also round, bigger) and digitally (invisible) in the UK (following the US release last month).


It's Not All Doom And Gloom....

With so much talk about the decline of the music industry and the worrying drops in CD sales recently, it seems that actually, it ain't all that bad!

A new UK music report regarding the state of the music tourism economy has shown that last year, nearly 8 million people spent £1.4 billion on festivals and visits to famous album cover sites.


Album Review: Thurston Moore

When news surfaced last year that Thurston Moore had hired Beck to produce his new album, it was easy to imagine their collaboration taking one of two paths: They could go loud, or they could go quiet. Considering the body of work the two iconoclastic musicians have amassed over the years, either would have made sense.


Jane's Addiction New LP Details and Video

Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro says that the band have taken a new direction on their forthcoming album, The Great Escape Artist.

"It still has a lot of what I love about Jane's Addiction, which is hypnotic, tribal, ritualistic energy, but with a touch of a new direction,"


The Adventure Of Music Exploration

Yesterday I was driving back from Walsall, it was a beautiful sunny day and I was heading south down the M42 when I remembered that I had thrown a Mojo cover mount CD onto the iPod and hadn't listened to it yet. It was a Black Keys compilation called brotherhood and it's actually a well put together piece.

Marley's Light Shines 30 Years Later

Today, May 11, marks the 30th year since the death of reggae icon Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Foundation and the Bob Marley Museum are making preparations to mark this occasion. Marley succumbed to cancer in 1981, four years after he was initially diagnosed. He was in Miami on his way back to Jamaica from Germany.


Is True Talent a Thing of the Past?

Former Bee Gee, Robin Gibb, has today spoken out against contemporary pop stars, complaining that they "just pose at singing". Robin insists that since the death of Dusty Springfield in 1999, no female singer has come close to fulfilling the talents of the late songstress.

Austra and 'Feel it Break'

Growing up in Toronto in the 1990s, Katie Stelmanis knew she'd one day be an opera singer. She studied piano and violin and, as a child, sang with the Canadian Opera Company. Later, after years of private lessons, she was set to study opera in college.

Album Review: Friendly Fires' 'Pala'

Some Kind of Awesome has already had two previews from Friendly Fires for their new album, Pala. Today though courtesy of The Hype Machine we get to listen to the entire thing! break out your best Hawaiian shirt and get that summer feeling as these guys know how to create a party track or ten.


Tori Amos Announces Classical LP and UK Tour

Tori Amos will release her new, classical-inspired album Night of Hunters this September and has announced UK tour dates for November. Her first work for classical music label Deutsche Grammophon, the release of Night of Hunters will also be supported by tours of Europe and the US.


Looking forward to a bit of Rufus...

One of the most interesting musicians and performers of our times is finally getting the recognition he deserves. After years of being a closely guarded secret by those of us that didn't want success to ruin his artistic charm, he's managed to go and become a household name but still enjoy his own creative control and career management.

The Mystery at No.1

This months Guitarist Magazine polled the best guitar solos ever. Which is impossible to get right, it's always dangerous to ask a bunch of guitarists what the best solo is. However they did it as properly as possible and once they took the top twenty and put them up to another vote to get the final chart.