On The Radar 31/01/12

Once again, we select for your delectation a few upcoming tunes earning a place on the iPods and portable gramophones of the Gigseen staff. Music from One Eyed Wayne, A Stealing Sheep remix by Cineplexx, Django Django and The Big Pink.


Coming Up This Week

The full run-down of what's happening in the world of upcoming live listings, new CD/DVD releases and the schedule for new additions to Gigseen's video portfolio, including our free-to-view 'Gig of the Week'.

Gig Of The Week: Etta James

Burnin' Down The House [2001, 53m]
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Etta James, and her long time backing band, The Roots Band, showcases her ability to take on any genre and conquer it. Included are tracks such as Born To Be Wild, Sugar On The Floor, and Come To Mama.


Live Review: Jim Bob and Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones were absolutely back on form last night at O2 Islington Academy. Supported by a great set from Carter USM's Jim Bob up first, the gig was a definite crowd-pleaser and gave the two Gigseen attendees cheesy grins all round. So once again a dual-authored review is in order ...


Live Review: Explosions In The Sky

On a freezing cold Friday night, I made my way to The 02 Academy Brixton to see the Texan Post-Rock quartet aptly named, Explosions In The Sky. Known for their blisteringly intense live performances and songs of epic proportions, this was something I was truly curious to see in a live setting.

Video: Jane's Addiction's 'Underground'

In their latest video for Underground, the glitzy Los Angeles rockers Jane's Addiction turn the clock back to the 1920s and perform at one incredibly lascivious brothel.


AOR Disco - Something Old, Something New

Recipe: Take a classic track that everyone loves from years ago, then mix it up and enhance it for the 21st century. This is the premise upon which compiler blog AOR Disco draws its material, frequently highlighting some real gems.


A Welcome Boost For Live Music

Small UK music venues have recently been given a huge boost by the passing of the Live Music Bill, which was cleared by the House Of Commons last Friday 20th January.

Profile: Melodramas

Melodramas are vocalist Matt, guitarist Rob, bassist Greg, and drummer, Sam. I first saw them play at Joiners in Southampton in 2009 and knew they were on the path to bigger things. With their clever sense of wit, hugely energetic and upbeat sounds teamed with a tight, professional attitude, it seems they have the winning combination.


Album Review: Chris Olley

the death of six by seven (bandcamp release)

I'll be the first to admit that up until a couple of years ago I hadn't come across the work of Six By Seven frontman Chris Olley. In retrospect, I wish I had.


On The Radar 24/01/12

Here's a selected handful of new tracks currently picked up and doing the rounds on the playlists of the Gigseen staff and writers. Music from Holy Esque, Bon Iver, Charlie 6er and Wise Blood.


This Week On Gigseen

The full run-down of what's happening in the world of upcoming live listings, new CD/DVD releases and the schedule for new additions to Gigseen's video portfolio, including our free-to-view 'Gig of the Week'.

Gig Of The Week: Yes

Symphonic Live [2001, 59m]
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Yes are one of the most innovative and successful rock bands of all time with a career that now spans five decades. In 2001 the band took to the road accompanied by a full orchestra for the first time in their career in support of their symphonic album, Magnification.


Live Review: SPC ECO

20/01 jubilee club at the camden barfly

You have to love small venues ... So much better an atmosphere, and so much easier to reach the bar. Which is of course a very important concern.


Rock And Roll Ain't Dead..

As you may have noticed recently, the music press has been full of talk about the demise of Rock music, the painful death of Indie bands and the glowing reign Pop music held over 2011.


Profile: ÜBER≡TONE

Formed in 2011 with members from London, Brighton, South Africa & West Africa, ÜBER≡TONE specialise in a heady fusion of Deep Funky House and melodic electropop, or "Synth-driven Human House Music."


Album Review: Tribes

baby (island)

When Camden four-piece, Tribes, first emerged onto the scene in 2010, they were hailed as one of the bands with the potential to revive guitar music and it's struggling sale figures.


Are Festivals Becoming Too Technological?

Last weekend, attendees of The Eurosonic festival in The Netherlands were the first to test out a new design set to move away from the classic model of the festival wristband, containing a highly advanced microchip.

This Week On Gigseen

So, aside from a new design here on the blog (of which there'll be more coming very soon), what's on offer from us this week?. First up our 'Gig of the Week' - The Pretenders' Loose In L.A. from 2002, Chrissie Hynde and band rocking through a hour and a half set (20 tracks!) from a fantastic performance at the Wilton Theatre.

Gig Of The Week: The Pretenders

Loose In L.A. [2003, 1h 29m]
~ watch now ~

The Pretenders have been consistently making classic albums and hit singles in a career that now spans 25 years. Lead by the charismatic Chrissie Hynde, possessor of one of the most recognisable voices in rock music, they have topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic and in many other territories around the world.


Profile: Jay James Picton

Recently signed to Universal Music Group/Decca Records and U.S. publishers, BUG Music, singer / songwriter , Jay James Picton is making big waves both in the UK and across the pond; and rightly so!


The January Playlist

So, the month of January is already getting a little tiresome, don't ya think? And to tell you the truth, our usual blog posts of Live Listings and Album Releases are lacking, to say the least. But hey, that's not our fault - so we've decided to be extra super-duper productive and make everyone an excellent playlist to listen to.

This Week On Gigseen

Well, here we are. One week down, 51 weeks to go. Don’t know about you, but the first week of 2012 has been a blast, here at Gigseen High Command. We’ve packed away the Christmas kit, got our resolutions up on the whiteboard and figured out where that cheesy smell was coming from. So, none of those January blues for us, unless you count some of our great gigs, of course.

Live Review: The Million Dollar Quartet

I left work early on Friday afternoon (sorry Neil, meant to tell you that) to catch the 5.32 up to London’s West End, one of the most happening places in the world. There was a quick stop in an overly heated Café Rouge for a pre show dinner served by supposedly French people and then it was time to make our way to the Noel Coward Theatre.


Profile: Listener

The time where we open up your mind to some new music is upon us. Put down your phone/mouse/keyboard/tv remote, 'cos these guys are really something special. Listener are a welcome reminder of the fresh and original creations out there, if you only look.

This Day in Bob Dylan

This week sees the release of the 'This Day in Bob Dylan' app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the third artist-specific app from daily trivia-mongers This Day in Music - with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin apps having been released previously.


Our Pick Of Gigs In January

It's a new year with new opportunities and, as usual, the month of January can sometimes be a slow one. With certain industries and companies recovering and recuperating from the Christmas period, there's often not a lot going on in the world of music and arts.


The Ones To Watch In 2012

The press has been full of its usual 'end-of-year' lists for best album, best film etc, but perhaps the list most widely sought after in the music world, is the One's To Watch, for the coming year.

Coming In 2012...

As we warily and - rather unwillingly - stumble back into reality, having (finally) finished off the last of the left-overs and that lonely looking mince-pie (well, someone's got to eat it!), we rub our eyes in disbelief wondering where the past year has gone.