The January Playlist

So, the month of January is already getting a little tiresome, don't ya think? And to tell you the truth, our usual blog posts of Live Listings and Album Releases are lacking, to say the least. But hey, that's not our fault - so we've decided to be extra super-duper productive and make everyone an excellent playlist to listen to.

We reckon it might help you along those tedious days in the office, commutes, or it would also work as a great gym playlist for all those motivated, new years resolution types. So let us know what you think!

The playlist is in no order whatsoever. It has a bit of old, a bit of new and every genre from trance to some alternative indie rock. So get your chops round this little beauty, and enjoy!

P.S. The tracks were lovingly chosen by myself, and fellow Gigseen colleague, Matt. However, we take no responsibility for the possibility/reality of readers not liking any of the selection below.