Profile: Jay James Picton

Recently signed to Universal Music Group/Decca Records and U.S. publishers, BUG Music, singer / songwriter , Jay James Picton is making big waves both in the UK and across the pond; and rightly so!

Picton is a man with many strings to his bow - not only a soulful and sincere vocalist and songwriter, but a film-maker too. His desire to branch out into other areas and not be boxed in by one medium is something extremely refreshing. The brand of 'real music' Picton embodies, combined with soulful, bluesy influences is an exciting prospect for 2012. He is taking music back to its roots, stripping it right back, and in the process reveals something raw and organic.

Picton's lyrics are firmly based around his own life experiences with honest and confident reflections of the world that are far beyond his years. His status over in America has been steadily growing, having already collaborated with legends such as Booker T (member of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame) and The Roots for his forthcoming album, critics and tastemakers are beginning latch onto the emerging hype.

Jay's latest venture into the film world is a four-part project titled, Heads Vs. Hearts, detailing his personal experiences and sufferings of living in a one-sided relationship (Watch part 2. below). The project showcases his talents in storyboarding and communication through visual aids. In an interview with online publication, Gigwise, Jay commented on the project:

"When you’re in a one-sided relationship, the emotions you feel are often clouded and mixed up with paranoia and a like attraction, even though you know you'd be better off without that person, the constant battle with them and your own mind to make it work often sets off other emotions. The feelings once lost of preferring all that shit over nothing at all.

Currently working stateside on his new album, Jay's natural blend of old blues influences and new contemporary grooves is one of unique force in the music world. Authentic, instantly likeable and endearing. Be prepared to see more of him this year!

Below you can listen to his track, Boy That Wants To Fly

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