This Day in Bob Dylan

This week sees the release of the 'This Day in Bob Dylan' app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the third artist-specific app from daily trivia-mongers This Day in Music - with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin apps having been released previously.

The core of the App is the Bob Dylan daily diary, documenting his gigs, recording sessions, single and album releases, awards and much more. The App also contains a section with over 250 Bob Dylan trivia facts, and separately a very addictive quiz where you can test your knowledge on everything Dylanesque. The quiz gives you a running score out of ten, so you can track your score, then play against yourself or challenge friends.

Additionally there are highly informative song notes, set lists, innumerable pictures and direct links links to the iTunes store for featured tracks. A short YouTube video shows a full demonstration:

It can't help but be pointed out that there's a certain 'karmic correctness' in seeing Bob Dylan popping up on devices such as the iPhone, after all it was a mutually declared obsession with Mr. Zimmerman that had a hand in bringing Steves Jobs and Wozniak together in the first place that set the Apple rolling...

For more information on this highly nifty wee piece of Dylanry - head on over to This Day in Music but be prepared to lose a few hours tinkering away if you're a Bob fan ...