Profile: 12 Dirty Bullets

Formed back in 2007, London-based 12 Dirty Bullets consist of brothers Jamie and Josh Jamieson, Michael smith on lead guitar and drummer, Joe Cotterill. They burst onto the scene with their blend of alternative indy-rock, managing to get themselves noticed in an over-saturated market.

Their rough-edge vocals, straight-up lyrics and authoritative guitar riffs soon made them one of London's most exciting bands. So much so, the BBC dubbed them a "fiery, young, energetic, swaggering West London band", and they've already seen successes across the pond via their self-made indie label, Fatman Records.

A talented, determined and motivated bunch, 12 Dirty Bullets write all their own songs and produce and mix the tracks. Their debut album, Downsides To Making A Living, was released in 2009 and features a total of eleven tracks. Having just completed a huge U.S. tour, the band are back with their latest release, single Motown, which was released both in the Uk and the U.S.

12 Dirty Bullets have similarities with other British indie bands such as the edgier style of Hard-Fi and the nonchalant but slight arrogant attitude of The Libertines. They cite the likes of Oasis, Kings Of Leon, The Cribs, Radiohead as strong influences, as well as older classics such as The Cure, The Jam, The Stone Roses and The Smiths.

All these are evident in their delivery and production, as well as their songwriting which is genuine and honest. Arctic Monkeys-esque elements occasionally appear in the music, emphasising the band's tongue and cheek style and lyrical wit, which of course, can only be a good thing, but although influenced by so many, they have created something fresh and exciting.

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