Gig Of The Week: Etta James

Burnin' Down The House [2001, 53m]
~ watch now ~

Etta James, and her long time backing band, The Roots Band, showcases her ability to take on any genre and conquer it. Included are tracks such as Born To Be Wild, Sugar On The Floor, and Come To Mama.

The Band: Josh Sklair - Guitar, Bobby Murray - Guitar, Mike Finnigan - Hammond B-3 Organ, Sametto James - Bass, Donto James - Drums, Luis Conte - Percussion, Tom Poole - Trumpet, Ronnie Buttacavoli - Trumpet, Jimmy Zavala - Tenor Sax and Harmonica, Lee Thornburg - Trombone, David Woodford - Baritone Sax, Dave Matthews - Keyboards.

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