Joe Bonamassa Fans Treated to Free Best Of Compilation

Joe Bonamassa's web portal jbxp.net has released to registered users of the site a free 'Best Of' album compilation. To get your hands on it you need to register on the site but registration is simple and you can enjoy the best of modern blues in minutes. You'd be silly not to....


1. Quarryman's Lament
2. The Ballad Of John Henry
3. Ball Peen Hammer
4. Another Kind Of Love
5. Bridge To Better Days
6. You Upset Me Baby
7. Had To Cry Today
8. If Heartaches Were Nickels
9. Travellin' South
10. So It's Like That

Plus exclusive downloads

Dust Bowl
Black Country
Blue and Evil
Further on up the road

Gigseen Verdict: A great introduction to the modern Blues Hero. If you like Joe, then check out Marcus Bonfanti exclusive to Gigseen.