Profile: The Pajama Club

It's the long unanswered question. Can a Husband and Wife work together? Well if The Pajama Club are anything to go by not only can they work together, they can make some lovely sounding music too!

Master of pop song craft and front man of Crowded House, Neil Finn, and his wife, Sharon Finn have formed a brand new band called Pajama Club. The New Zealand-based group also include local indie musician Sean Donnelly, and in its touring incarnation, former Grates drummer Alana Skyring. Pajama Club’s self titled debut full-length will be released on September 13th.

The album is a mix of gritty, garage rock grooves and electronic bleeps and squelches, topped off by Neil and Sharon’s back-and-forth vocals. The couple have an alluring natural chemistry that forms the core of the band. Opening track, “Tell Me What You Want” romps along with a sexy, swampy lurch and introduces the nonchalant yet haunting sentiment that permeates throughout the album. The first early release track “From A Friend To A Friend” has sheets of noisy guitar lurking beneath Neil and Sharon’s serene vocals, which tell of a mysterious scenario of strangers and headlights.

Gigseen Verdict: We love it! If your coming down to the Concorde 2 in Brighton on July 22nd you can buy us a drink for introducing them to you. Finn at his best again!