Profile: Ed Sheeran

As an avid music fan, musician and love of all things musical, I'm sure you all, like me, get into that hypnotic phase of playing a song or album on repeat until you can't listen to it again for at least a couple of months- by which time you're ready to re-visit it with fresh ears.

So, right now, I'm in that phase/state/process, whatever you want to call it, with new(ish) artist, Ed Sheeran. Although he is only releasing his debut single this week, he has been doing it DIY for the past four albums, putting in some real hard graft and rising up from the underground to the mainstream. I had heard of him a while ago, but only recently went on an iTunes spree and bought about 3 Ep's/albums.
So basically, I want you all to go to the radio one extra page here, and have a listen to the session Ed did this morning, with Trevor Nelson. He's a really talented singer-songwriter, and one of the few around at the moment with true craftsmanship and originality. His songs have something for everyone from dubstep to folk songs, and for just 20 years old, his voice is soulful and sincere.