Paul McCartney / Twin Freaks - Old Dog, New Tricks

Well, this is something I feel obligated to share due to be my being generally blown away upon listening to it for the first time.

One of Paul McCartney's numerous side-projects, the LP was quietly released back in 2005 under the moniker Twin Freaks - a remix collaboration between Macca and DJ/Producer 'Freelance Hellraiser' (Roy Kerr). Kerr had previously released an unofficial 'mash-up' LP A Stroke of Genius and was then approached by Sir M to remix a selection of tracks from the McCartney catalogue to be used as a 25-minute warm-up before shows on his 2004 tour.

The result was later released as a full LP and possibly surprisingly has remained a little-know gem ever since. A shame really as it seems to show that for one stalwart of the music scene for decades, it actually IS still possible to come up with something fresh, new and unexpected.