It's Not Logical, but Shatner is a Musical Genius

Trained as a classical Shakespearean actor, Bill Shatner should be heralded as highly an 'ack-tore' as his space captain successor Patrick Stewart. But really he's a bit of a misfit, an awkward child, a rogue, a bad actor who spent the 70's always having time to take off his shirt before throwing painfully fake punches at a laughable nemesis.

And for that he ranks up there with one of the best of them for me, he's done it his way and in the process he's no doubt put plenty of noses out of joint. But by doing that, amazing things happen to him. Ignoring the actor, the musician in him is crazy, but it takes a 'special' kind of crazy to create his new album.

It's going to be just genius. It's called 'Searching for Major Tom', has some of the most obscure and exciting musical team ups I've seen in a long time (a tribute to the way people feel about Mr Shatner no doubt) and I can't wait to have it in my collection (sitting proudly next to the awesome Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner album 'Spaced Out').

  1. Space Trucking featuring Ian Paice and Johnny Winter
  2. She Blinded Me With Science with Bootsy Collins, Patrick Moraz
  3. In A While
  4. Empty Glass with Michael Schenker
  5. Lost In The Stars
  6. Twilight Zone with Warren Haynes
  7. Space Cowboy
  8. Rocket Man with Steve Hillage
  9. Space Oddity with Ritchie Blackmore, Alan Parsons
  10. Spirit In The Sky with Peter Frampton
  11. Bohemian Rhapsody with John Wetton
  12. Silver Machine with Wayne Kramer, Carmine Appice
  13. Major Tom with Zakk Wylde, Mike Inez
  14. Learning To Fly with Edgar Froese
  15. Mr Spaceman with Dave Davies
  16. Iron Man with Zakk Wylde
  17. Planet Earth with Steve Howe
  18. Walking On The Moon
  19. Mrs Major Tom

Now, if mastermind ever come knocking and need a specialist subject, then I would have to offer up the music of William Shatner. It's painful, It's joyful, It's tuneless but it's mine. I promise you, this album is going to be awesome. I've not heard it yet but it's a 10/10 from me....oh and the amazing thing about this, Shatner turned 80, yes 80 in March.

'Searching for Major Tom' is out later in the year.