Glastonbury: What a Load of Crap!

Next weekend's Glastonbury Festival is going green by offering 100,000 free toilet rolls to visitors over the weekend in order to increase the festivals recycling rates from the festival to 60%.

Other plans have also been announced to make the festival more environmentally friendly.

People who cycle to the festival will have access to a special camping area and will also be offered discount vouchers at the food stalls.

A recycling barn will also be set up for festival goers to drop off cans, bottles and packaging. A team of 80 volunteers will sort and separate it out for recycling. Please do not take your toilet paper there!

A Spokesman told Gigseen that "The Rolls will be supplied under a deal with a manufacturer in an attempt to 'wipe' out the competition in the Festival marketplace. Effectively 'flushing' the competition away from the live music loo roll sector. Previous attempts at tidying up toilet facilities have been abandoned due to 'smear' campaigns from rival manufacturers and unlike previous years Glastonbury has a policy of ensuring there are no 'hangers on' during the festival weekend."

The festival runs from 23 to 26 June and coincides with Recycle Week 2011.

Michael Eavis said: "There will be more than enough for everyone and more importantly it will be the right kind of loo roll."

We look forward to seeing you all in the Queue for the Loo!