DIY Chart Success... with Geoff Leppard!

Here at Gigseen we are all for the underdog, we love 'em, but we can only support the underdog who is really giving it a serious go and once and a while something comes along that tells you that you can be a chart hero and still do your career in IT (everybody is in IT now aren't they?) Introducing Geoff Leppard, five guys who have nothing to do with the music industry, nor from what we can gather any previous experience in it, but realised the importance of how to do it! Record companies take note...they created a product that matched the market they understood.

These guys got together via a Lotus Enthusiasts Car Club (SELOC) in the UK, they wanted to do something for a charity close to their heart (Alzheimer's Society) and they did the maths. They had an audience, they had to make the product, so do most bands you may say.....but most bands aren't today sitting in the top 75 of the UK charts with Gary Numan's international hit 'Cars' by ensuring they delivered something for everyone. Infact they are outselling new releases by The White Lies and Trivium this week in sales.

Tweets have rung out across the web from Dr Hilary Jones (an Alzheimer's patron), The Fortean Times, Pistonheads, Sniff Petrol and Lotus F1 teams have also had versions of the video on their facebook frontpage, which you can see on YOUTUBE. it's brilliant, especially if you are a car fan. Video Directors take note, the video looks like it's been done for a tube of pringles and a 4 pack of John Smiths, but it's entertaining. Something alot of videos aren't.

The choice of song is clever too. They knew Numan's fans are totally into anything with his name on it, even cover songs, so Numan fans by default are buying it, do they like it, probably not as it's not as good as the original (when is it?), but they are collectors of Gary and have no option than to spend 79p on it.

This band have achieved more doing it for fun than some record companies achieve with tens of thousands of PR funding. It's easy to see why, they did it for the music, if they sold one or a thousand it would have been a result for them and they left their 'cool' at the door and pushed the song in areas where they would get a listen.

Having seen the video, which blew me away when I realised it was shot on a high end digital camera. I am now convinced of inbreeding in parts of the UK, I am sure the two singers share the same mother, one most likely the offspring of her husband, the other her husbands father. But don't let that put you off, just don't let your kids go to their gigs!

So here's to the one hit wonders that are Geoff Leppard, they took on the big boys and won! So in support I'm off to buy my copy on itunes now. Just click HERE and join me