Flight 666 With Bruce Dickinson

Yes, we all know that Bruce Dickinson is a qualified pilot and has his own Boeing 747, but of all the things we associate this music icon with; The voice of heavy metal, amazing live concerts, and worldwide critical acclaim as the frontman of one of the biggest Heavy metal bands of all time...an educational film highlighting the importance of airline safety is not one of those things.

An unintentionally amusing short film, Bruce, rather formally, guides us through the do's and don't's of appropriate aircraft safety, including how to correctly load a plane. Why, I hear you ask? Well, the film was made for the UK Civil Aviation Authority, and goes by the name 'Safety In The Balance'. A sure fire hit! Erm..I mean, a serious film (including a 'Science Bit'), with a frowny Dickinson sporting a fetching High Vis jacket.

The 20 minute film (don't worry, you don't have to watch it all), is set to loud bursts of metal (obviously), and is a strange mixture of educational resources, celebrity, music and informative diagrams. I'm not sure how hardcore fans of Iron Maiden will perceive this? Has Dickinson's rock'n'roll image ignited a spiralling decent into the murky depths of un-cooI? Hell no! What can be cooler, or more rock'n'roll, than health and safety warnings set to hell-bent, riff-fulled metal?? It certainly helps to drum in the fact that to load a plane, you need some load in the first place. Cheers Bruce!