Let Us Remember...

During times of turbulence music, it seems, can be a source of solace, a temporary release from tense environments and relief in the knowledge that you're not alone. But music can also be a stark reminder of reality and present social contexts. So I wanted to use this as a reminder of some of that music that has been so important in past history.

Not unlike protest songs, there is a sub-genre of music and songs that reflect and capture the mood of the people, instead of giving solutions and ordering people to 'Stand Up', for example. Dorian Lynsky of The Guardian put it nicely and coined the term, Crisis Music.

So here are a few of my choices which I feel are apt for the moment in time. See what you think, and feel free to leave your own suggestions!

This is perhaps not such an obvious choice compared to the ones that follow, but it's a poignant and modern message, showing that problems still aren't resolved.

The story behind this song, as I'm sure most of you know, is a tragic reflection of a view on life in Coventry in the late eighties with unemployment rocketing. Musically it definitely captures the mood of helplessness juxtaposed with anger.

Lastly, A classic from Bob Marley and The Wailers with a little help from The Skatalites. It was originally directed at the 'Rudeboys' of Kingston, Jamaica, to calm down their violence and fighting.

Although there are hundreds more songs I could have included, I just wanted to choose a select few to get you all thinking.