New Radiohead Songs 'Leaked'

As Radiohead gears up for the U.K.-only release of its limited edition 7-inch this Record Store Day (Saturday, Apr. 16), the new songs featured on the vinyl-only single -- Supercollider and The Butcher -- have leaked online via low-quality rips. Listen below.

"Supercollider," Radiohead

"The Butcher," Radiohead

The Butcher stays in line with the beat-focused, minimalist electronic feeling of Radiohead's latest, The King of Limbs, which the U.K. group self-released online Feb. 18. The eerie, slow-building Supercollider," which has made live rotations previously, recalls a more mellow Everything In Its Right Place (from Kid A).Speaking with the BBC, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien recently said regarding the new songs,

"'The Butcher' is from the King Of Limbs sessions. 'Supercollider' was recorded during that period and finished off after the album came out."

However, O'Brian made it clear that despite circulating rumors regarding a second part to the eight-track The King of Limbs, there was no imminent follow-up in the works.

"There are [other] songs that we have started, that we never finished, but there's not like seven or eight finished songs waiting in the wings to be released now, or in the autumn, or something," O'Brien said.

Source: billboard.com