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Emerging in 2011 from the South Californian rock/metal scene, Attika 7 are a new 'super-group' (as dubbed by fans) composed of former and current members of Biohazard, Static X, Ministry, Prong and Walls of Jericho (amongst many others).

Attika 7 features ex-Biohazard vocalist Evan Seinfeld, lead guitarist, notable songwriter and famed ('Sons of Anarchy') motorcycle builder Rusty Coones, and bassist Tony Campos, founding member of Static X, who also currently performs in Soulfly, Prong, Possessed, Asesino and Ministry. Completing the line-up is drummer Dustin Schoenhofer from Walls of Jericho and Bury Your Dead fame. Following his departure from Biohazard Seinfeld explained;

"After 10 albums and probably around 4000 concerts with Biohazard across 90 countries spanning 25 years, all I can say is that the only thing constant in life is change, and without it, things can become stagnant and repetitious."

"The creative situation for me playing with Rusty and Tony in ATTIKA 7 fosters my genuine creativity to flow, and allowed us to build something heavy, authentic, timeless, new and exciting from the ground up."

The band describes their lyrics and ideology as genuine and conveys a true American outlaw lifestyle. The Attika 7 sound boasts very heavy, down-tuned and melodic harmonies, all the while boasting brutal hooks and grooves. The band draws from several musical influences, including their own additional projects, and has been compared to the likes of Black Sabbath, Metallica, Godsmack, Pantera, and White Zombie.

Attika 7 are set to release their debut full-length Album Blood Of My Enemies on July 31st on label Rocket Science Ventures. The album itself was recorded with legendary producer Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack) and somewhat unusually the majority of the album was written by Rusty Coones while serving a seven-year federal prison sentence for a false conviction.

Track 7 - Serial Killer is scheduled to be released as leading single from the LP, and a video expected very soon. For more information on the album's creation check this short series of mini-documentaries from Loudwire where Seinfeld and Coones discuss the band's inception, including a personal take on the what Attika 7 Stands for:

"Anyone who’s ever felt put down, or pushed, and anyone who has ever felt backed into a corner, anyone who has ever been fucked over by society, by the law, by the cops, by their teacher, their parents… Anybody who’s just ever been fucking fucked around, Attika 7 is kind of like gasoline for revenge or something like that."

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