Aerosmith New Album Is 'Really Close'

Guitarist Joe Perry has confirmed that Aerosmith's new album is ‘really close’ to being finished. Talking to Rolling Stone magazine this week Perry said:

"It's really close. We've started to mix. We've mixed a couple of the songs already, but I guess this week we're really kind of rolling into mix mode. We have a couple of tracks left to finish up, just to put some overdubs on, but we're kind of going from the final, final recording tracks to mixing this week."

"The record's gonna sound modern and hi-fi. We're not sitting around going, 'We're gonna do Night in the Ruts again or Rocks again'. We want to make a modern sounding record, but the main thing is the energy that the early records had."

The rock veterans have also confirmed that they will release a new single in ‘three or four weeks’.