Mumford And Sons Talk About Second Album

Mumford And Sons have said they're currently putting the finishing touches to their second album, the follow-up to their 2009 debut, Sigh No More.

The band's keyboardist, Ben Lovett, explained that the album isn't heading in any particular radical new direction, saying: "We can't really come out with any tricks or new sounds because we have the instruments we play and we sing songs". In a recent interview with Radio One's Zane Lowe, Lovett explained that they've just made a record that they felt "best represented" their current situation.

The band recently announced details of two special summer shows as part of their summer Gentlemen Of The Road tour in Huddersfield (2nd June) and Galway (9th June). The idea was inspired by festivals such as Colorado's Telluride Bluegrass and Scotland's Lollapalooza Festivals. The band's banjo player, Winston Marshall said:

We've played so many festivals across the world - there are some which we love and that we really want to go back to and there are some we don't want to go back to. It's an idea that's come out of all of our favourite festivals".

Having recently confirmed they'll be touring the UK again this autumn once the new record is released, and have said they're now feeling refreshed.

"It got to a point with the touring, that as much as we were enjoying it, we were also running ourselves into the ground a bit. I'm dying to get out on the road and be the band we were in the first place. We formed to tour, we can go back to our comfort zone and play some gigs."