Featured Music: Dean Garcia

Das Haus Vol. 1 is a compilation of various ideas and collaborations from Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) released and the end of March this year. The album explores a multitude of moods and styles from industrial alternative rock to chilled out dark core lounge.

This recent release from Dean Garcia sees a selection of tracks from various points in the last few years, most of which feature one or more 'guests'. As those familiar with Dean's post-Curve work will guess, daughter Rose Berlin makes an appearance here of course (One In A Million), plus an impressive roster of further female vocalists: Collide's kaRIN (Your Blue Heart), Chibi of The Birthday Massacre (All For You), KMFDM's Lucia Cifarelli (Do It Right) and Lill Jeanette Halbakken from Aurora Plastic Monster (Senseless).

Add to the mix contributions from Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives), Perry Pelonero (Skylight / bliss city east), Mark Wallbridge (aka Vasko the Pig), Slade Templeton (The Chronologic) and some obscure guitarist guy name of Jeff Beck (playing on Riverhall - OK, maybe not all that obscure perhaps) and what comes out is a excellent showcase for Garcia's prolific collaborative work. He's a busy man. Many fingers, many pies.

In Dean's words:

"It's been fun compiling this collection, I'll add to it or make a volume two as time goes on, it's also a way to promo the various projects that I'm involved with that will spawn EP or album releases at some point in 2012."

For those switched on by Garcia's material beyond Curve and wanting more, the best approach is probably to head to Google and start hunting for SPC ECO, The Secret Meeting, Morpheme, KGC, The Chronologic, Inkraktare plus solo project Headcase (see Mushiness on Bandcamp). If you love rummaging around on the net looking for awesome sounds then such a project will keep even the most dedicated musicologist busy for a good while.

I myself started this process last year, and no end is in sight. Having been a huge fan of Curve from the early days I can safely say that Garcia still manages to come up with some brilliant tracks and works with some of the best around. Also, after seeing SPC ECO play earlier this year at the Camden Barfly in an all-too-short set, it's more than obvious he and his plethora of projects show no sign of letting up - much like Give You Nothing:

More please!