The Next Generation Beatles?

A Beatles reunion might be impossible, but the Beatles' sons have hinted at the idea of starting a band.

The notion of forming The Beatles Next Generation has been banded around at many recent interviews rendering some surprising responses, with James McCartney revealing he had already discussed the concept "a little bit" with some of his fellow Fab Four heirs.

The 34 year old has said that he'd "be up for it", with Sean [Lennon] and Dhani [Harrison] possessing a similar willingness. However, James said that it was something he thought Zak [Starkey] wouldn't want to do. "Maybe Jason [Starkey, another drummer], his brother would want to do it … I don't know, you'd have to wait and see."

Although many of the Beatles' children are musical, their commercial successes have been rare. Only Julian Lennon has scored a hit, and that was almost two decades ago. Dhani Harrison currently performs with the band thenewno2, Sean Lennon with the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, and Zak Starkey plays drums with The Who.