Gigseen Ticket Collection

Following on from the interest generated by Kate's Post earlier in the week, we've banged heads together at Gigseen and come up with a nifty new feature. A mini-blog hosting a nostalgic collection of concert tickets from the misty past over on our Tumblr Page.

It's been set up so that anyone can submit a photo, either by sending us one attached to an email, with a accompanying description, at gigseennewsteam@gmail.com, or alternatively if you have a Tumblr account already then simply use the 'Submit A Ticket' feature.

We'll of course give full credits to any submissions (or can be simply left as 'anonymous' if you're truly ashamed of your past musical tastes), and given time the collection should evolve into a wonderfully sentimental, perhaps somewhat cringe-worthy, archive of all those dusty stubs that have been hidden away for years.

Right now, we're all rummaging through drawers and scanning in photos - so will certainly be interesting to see what turns up ... Sadly I have a feeling I ritually burnt a number of my old ones (pre-1987) when my musical tastes changed rather dramatically in my mid teens ... Perhaps I missed a couple?

Click on the links above, or the header picture, or the 'Tumblr' menu entry up the top of the blog. Happy browsing!