On The Radar 28/02/12

A selection of new tracks comprising this week's 'Staff Picks' from the Gigseen TV office ... New music featuring from Sly and Reggie, Esbe and Jenova 7, Heartless Bastards, Gregory Porter and Grimes.

Sly and Reggie - Dub Save The Queen (selected by Grim) - Middle Class Dub producers Sly and Reggie from East Dulwich, South London. Often seen on their Morris Minor known as The Middle Class Sound System, a roving dub broadcasting system. Dub Save The Queen is the title of a unique album planned for release in 2012, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year. This, the title track, comes as a dub reggae version of the National Anthem.

Esbe & Jenova 7 - Haiku (Nujabes Tribute) (selected by Grim) - A collaboration between Dusted Wax Kingdom members Esbe and Jenova 7 . Released February 26, 2012, on the anniversary of Japanese hip hop producer Nujabes' passing. Haiku is taken from Thank you Nujabes Tribute, EP available as a free download via Bandcamp.

Heartless Bastards - Parted Ways (selected by Kate) - If you're looking for a unique mixture of rocking garage band and folk-like swing, Heartless Bastards are the ones for you. Formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2003,the band are often compared to fellow Ohioans The Black Keys. Their fourth album, Arrow, was released in February this year with the first single, Parted Ways, available now.

Gregory Porter - Be Good (Lion's Song) (selected by Neil) - Be Good (Lion's Song) from Gregory Porter's sophomore release Be Good. The title track has been a favorite at Porter's live shows for some time, and finally makes its much anticipated recording debut.

Grimes - Genesis (selected by Matt) - With a swooping, baby-voiced singing style, Grimes (the alias of Vancouver native Claire Boucher) crafts a haunting brand of lo-fi dance music that fits stylistically within the goth-electronic umbrella coined "witch house" or "grave wave." The track Genesis is the latest single from her upcoming third album Visions.