Little Bits of Crap News: Midweek edition 17.08.11

So here we are. Another week's Crap Midweek news. Yep even I can't believe how crap the midweek music news is.

1.) Kiss get kicked off the Michael Jackson Tribute Gig

Sorry but what the hell were Kiss doing on it in the first place? Sounds as ill fitting as Michael J and Jordan Chandler. But the official story is the Gene had stated in an interview a few years ago that he believed that Jacko was a kiddy fiddler, then forgot he said it when he signed to be part of the tribute tour...but Jacko's fans didn't and kicked off..Shame, I'd have loved to see Kiss performing Thriller!

2.) BONO becomes Facebook Billionaire

Well now we know why the kids went crazy in London last week. The preach happy Billionaire obviously let slip that he's not going to retire on his wealth but jump straight back in the studio to produce more pop rock bile. But at least now U2's front Bottom, Bono has $1bn in Facebook alone we can assume he'll stop asking us (his poor fans) to put our hands in our pockets and he'll get some liquidity and feed the world...Bono, Bono...nope he's left the room.

3.) Taylor Momsen - "I'm a singer not an actress"

But she was an actress! Three of us saw her in Gossip Girl. She wasn't a good actress...but nor is she a good singer..so really Taylor...what are you? Well unlike me 99% of you won't know who she is...and I'd suggest keeping it that way. She's not a singer, nor an actress...well that's a waitress!

So there you have it, we've finally realised that Bono is actually the devil. Proof that Gigseens Crap News Midweek Edition is more than entertainment, it's edutainment...Peace!