Cloud Control and 'Gold Canary'

Australian band Cloud Control yesterday unveiled a new video for their latest single Gold Canary which as I understand it is a re-release, having first been put out back in 2009 before they became quite as popular as they now seem to be.

Cloud Control are one of those indie/pop bands that I pretty much came across by accident a few months ago and are somewhat less electronic than the swathe of australian pop bands currently shooting up like mushrooms recently. If I was forced to describe them then I'd have to say they lie somewhere on a spectrum between Paul Simon and The Bluetones - no bad thing at all.

So, as for the new video:

"Jeremy [Kelshaw] was the only one out the band who had previously sky-dived so the terror for the rest of us was very real," singer Heidi Lenffer told Spinner.

"My tandem instructor had the bad habit of making unwelcome gags throughout the safety briefing but I managed to keep it together throughout take off and even the thrilling 35 seconds of free-fall, after which unfortunately my body decided to reject the experience and I threw up mid-air, very discreetly."

Well, far be it for me to criticise the wonder that is hurtling towards England's 'Green and Pleasant Land' at 9.8 m per s2, but as a fun video for Gold Canary? Hmm ... not sure. As a first alternative, here's the original video from back in the day, which seems to imply recreational pursuits of a very different kind ...

And finally, my own favourite - an acoustic/acapella version from director Dave Tree's Watch Listen Tell sessions recorded under a bridge somewhere in London.

Lovely stuff! ... And if you like that kind of thing, there's Cloud Control's album Bliss Release available via iTunes, Amazon and all the usual outlets. Fully recommended by yours truly.