Featured Music: Kodacrome

Kodacrome is Elissa Pociask (synth, vocals), Ryan Casey (drums, electronics), and Phil DaRosa (guitar/bass). Elissa designs energetic, interwoven pop melodies with haphazard structures, layered vocals, and mean lyrics. Ryan builds rich, textured soundscapes which can fall anywhere in between delicate and grimy. Easy on the head and heavy on the pretty.

Kodacrome's debut EP Perla features layered melodies, gritty rhythms, and lead lines ringing from machines and throats, alike. The result is six tracks of danceable, fragmented pop with a warm electronic pulse.

The Perla EP was given a release back in March but since I found myself being tastefully pointed at it, it's been stuck on my playlist over and above a hell of a lot of other new stuff that I've picked up on recently. There's something sneakily addictive about the smartly crafted tunes, Robbery especially I'm not sure I could get out of my head even if I wanted to. I would call 'subliminal attractions' but ultimately that's not necessary - Kodacrome's material seems to have this effect quite naturally.

The band have stated that they are now writing for their next full-length release, to be recorded later in the year ... but also to expect some intermittent tracks to see the light of day meantime. One of these, a cover of Cake's Frank Sinatra can be found via Bandcamp/YouTube, and is certainly worth a listen.