Featured Music: B. Dolan

Fresh off the startling and undeniable impact of its lead single Film The Police, B. Dolan makes an unexpected return to drop off the House Of Bees Vol. 2 LP. Adding to what's already been an incredible summer for indie rap, Dolan and UK mixmaster Buddy Peace present 60 minutes of finely crafted material to shatter all expectations conjured by the word 'mixtape'.

Rhode Island native B. Dolan has for a number years, since signing to Strange Famous Records in 2005, been putting out the kind of old-school Hip-Hop that even folks who have no great passion for the genre cannot help but headbang to. Behemothian rhythms, monolithic riffs, acute social commentary, all boxes ticked. The two volume House of Bees series runs as more of a mixtape with friends and collaborators, rather than a strictly solo release.

B. Dolan remains prolific as a rapper, releasing two albums on Strange Famous since 2008 (2008's The Failure and 2010's Fallen House, Sunken City), and also creating the "Bombzo Way" and "Evel Knievel" characters, which often make surprise guest appearances at his concerts.

Lead single from HoBV2, Film The Police made a lasting impression at the end of last year, the track itself a triple MC-ed (B. Dolan, Toki Wright and Jasiri X) rework of N.W.A.'s classic;

The single release was soon followed up with Dolan appearing on this side of the Atlantic back in March with a series of gigs across the UK. Let's hope it doesn't take very long for a return visit.