EP Review: The Bronze Medal

the bronze medal (new music club)

After the success of debut single, Milk, Bristolian band, The Bronze Medal, are set to release their first EP. Recorded with Paul Corkett (The Cure, Biffy Clyro, Björk), it's an amalgamation of unassuming yet intensely beautiful and well crafted set of tracks.

Furrows is the perfect track to open the album. Beginning with the line "It's in my belly, it's in my bones", The Bronze Medal's signature sound is encapsulated in an instance by subtle five-part harmonies, soft tones and minimalistic accompaniment before a sense of solidity is created by the entrance of a simple beat and a fuller instrumentation. Well known for their slow builds and climactic resolves, the chorus brings one of the catchiest hooks on the EP; a solemn but upbeat affair with the vocals moving into a welcomed higher pitch.

Womb is ambient in every sense of the word. Beginning slowly and quietly, it grows and develops naturally before exploding in a wash of distorted, driving guitar, crashing cymbals and affirming vocal passages.

Show Me Land is another mellow number; the strum of a guitar acts as a humble foundation for the song while the vocals take precedence. Show Me Land's lyricism is perhaps the most poetic of all, with strong imagery rife with emotion: "He told me he's violent / Voices keep the floorboards humming". The Bronze Medal's song-writing is astounding. Frank, vulnerable and mature beyond their years.

With an introduction synonymous with the likes of post rocker's, Explosions In The Sky, No Hospitals oozes with otherworldliness. Calming and spacious, it's a real pleasure to be able to listen to nearly three minutes of purely instrumental music before any vocals arise. There's a slight experimental vibe to this track, with delicate embellishments over long guitar chords, gentle glissandos and chord suspensions just waiting to be resolved. This is where the band really come into their own - almost subconsciously building tension and anticipation - they're not afraid to take their time, letting each note sing. When the vocals emerge, the beauty of the harmonies and the realisation of a more substantial melody combined with that final shift to the home key brings a contented sigh. The perfect way to end the EP.

The quintet's self-titled debut is many things, but lacking in skill and finesse it is not. The real appeal in The Bronze Medal's music is their ability to take many separate intricate and subtle parts, and create something with a sum that is far greater. Utterly mesmerising.

Upcoming Tour Dates:


  • 6th - London @ AAA
  • 8th – Bath @ Porter Cellar
  • 9th – Leicester @ Lock 42
  • 13th – Cardiff @ Gwidhw
  • 16th – Cheltenham @ The Frog & Fiddle (w/ Dry the River)
  • 17th – Birmingham @ The Hare & Hounds
  • 18th – Oxford @ TBC
  • 19th – St Albans @ The Horn
  • 22nnd – Accrington @ Bohemia

  • July:

  • 4th – London @ Rough Trade East (In-Store)
  • 5th – London @ St Pancras Station (Station Sessions)
  • 6th – Bristol @ Anglican Chapel (EP Launch Show)
  • 7th – Barn on the Farm Festival – Gloucester
  • 14th– 2000 Trees Festival – Cheltenham
  • 22nd – REDFEST - Surrey

  • The Bronze Medal is Released July 2nd.