Disputes On Stage For The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses frontman, Ian Brown, called the band's drummer Reni a 'c**t' onstage in Amsterdam at last night's (June 12th) gig at the Heineken Music Hall.

After another storming comeback performance, Brown returned to the stage on his own after the band had played their main set to tell the audience "the drummer's gone home". It was anticipated that the band would play an encore of I Am The Resurrection - which they had played at their show in Barcelona last week.

Brown was apparently reported to have said:

"I'm not joking, the drummer's gone home. Get all your aggro out on me, I can take it. What can I say, the drummer's a c**t."

Concert goers have said that when Brown left the stage, the venue DJ began to play, and that after the song had ended, the audience were still clapping and cheering in hope that The Stone Roses would come back on stage. However, after a short while, the crew walked on, and that was it.

The Stone Roses kicked off their first tour in 16 years in Barcelona on Friday, following a surprise comeback gig in Warrington on May 23rd. It was the first time the band, who announced their reformation last year, had played for over a decade.

After the band's set in Barcelona, they performed a 10 minute encore of I Am The Resurrection, ending with the band in a group hug at the front of the stage.