Covering The Pixies

Artists that focus on the genuine creation of original and groundbreaking music rarely enjoy commercial success. Setting out to be unique poses a huge hurdle in getting any industry to take risks and nurture such talent. But time and time again those who chose the route of musical creativity against commercial returns enjoy not only a greater career, but accolade amongst peers and very few artists have achieved this like the Pixies.

For all their effort, the Pixies survived and now flourish due to other artists acknowledging their creative value. You remember where you were when you found a band like the Pixies, their songs strike hard in peoples hearts, be their first experience the last scene of the film 'Fight Club' or sitting down in your mates bedroom listening to Doolittle on vinyl, the memory (for me at least) remains.

It’s been raining for six days solid here in the UK, so to help with the rainy day blues we’ve compiled a small selection of chilled out cover versions for your pleasure. But the artists who have covered the Pixies, tell the story far better than anyone else. So sit back and enjoy, then get out there and explore the huge amount of great pixies covers out there.

Where Is My Mind? - performed by Sunday Girl

Otherwise known as Jade Williams from Hertfordshire, England. Sunday Girl's version of the most famous Pixies song has recently graced UK television screens as part of a Thompson Holiday campaign.

Gigantic - performed by Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy

By no means a standard cover song. With lyrics that challenge and little rhythm to hold onto, Gigantic won the hearts and minds of many of todays great artists. Here Neil Hannon performs his version live in Scotland.

Levitate Me - The Swell Season

Glen Hansard of The Swell Season, shows his love for the Pixies in two ways, one by covering the songs with The Swell Season and the other with heavy musical influences with his other band, the equally accomplished band, The Frames. Here we see The Swell Season peforming in the hometown of Frank Black himself, Eugene, Oregon.

Mr. Grieves - performed by TV on the Radio

This a cappella version of Mr. Grieves never fails to impress people. A million miles from the original yet still delivers.

Cactus - performed by David Bowie

To end on a high note, there can’t be much higher praise offered than that from a prolific songwriter choosing to record one of your tracks. In this case David Bowie, who recorded Cactus for his 2002 album Heathen.

But the story doesn’t end here, with the likes of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Beck, Placebo, Kings of Leon, James Blunt, OK GO, Ash, British Sea Power, The Shins, Mogwai, Weezer, They Might Be Giants and Teenage Fanclub to name but a few all having performed Pixies songs over the years, it’s pretty much a given that the promising artists of tomorrow are growing up listening to the band.

Enough from me, go off and explore for yourself.