On The Radar 03/04/12

Tuesday's weekly selection of new tracks comprising this week's 'Staff Picks' from the Gigseen TV office ... New music featured from Orbital, Peace, Daughter, and Dragonette.

Peace - Follow Baby (selected by Kate) - Follow Baby is the new track from Peace; a four-piece indie band hailing from Birmingham, consisting of Harrison, Dominic, Samuel and Douglas. The video depicts "A world reminiscent of youth and it’s endless possibilities, where the ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude reigns", and the doomy vocals, foreboding guitar and refreshing instrumentation make this band a lot more exciting than expected.

Peace are currently on tour with Mystery Jets before hitting some festivals in the summer, and Follow Baby - their first single - is released on April 23rd via Deadly People. They're getting tipped for the big time left, right and centre, so make sure you check them out! (Another great track to check out - demo, BBLOOD)

Orbital - Wonky (selected by Grim) - Just out this week is Wonky, Orbital's ninth studio album, their first since 2004's Blue Album. The title track was first released as a free download a few months ago, but now comes complete with a fairly disturbing video featuring Mat Horne and a horde of malevolent cats .... I've never liked cats to be be honest - Evidently, this video just confirms my suspicions about the little furry fiends.

Dragonette - Let It Go (selected by Matt) - Canadian new wave revivalists Dragonette are a bouncy electro-pop act with a glammy, polymorphic persona rather like that of the Scissor Sisters. They were formed in 2005 by lead singer/lyricist Martina Sorbara, and released their debut self-titled demo later that year, with their debut album Galore, appearing in 2007. Let it Go is available to download as of today (3 April), and the band's third album wil be available later on this year.

Daughter - Medicine (selected by Grim) - Daughter are Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli & Remi Aguilella: A band that has of late seen a great deal of acclaim since releasing two EPs last year; His Young Heart and The Wild Youth. Medicine appears on the latter release and is here performed at a recent 'Watch Listen Tell' acoustic session in London.