The Beach Boys Preview New Track

The Beach Boys have unveiled a clip of That's Why God Made the Radio, the first single off their reunion album that's due to hit shelves this summer.

After splitting up in the 1990's and touring in separate camps, last year The Beach Boys decided to put the acrimony behind them and reunite for a tour. Subsequently, they've spent the last few months at a Los Angeles studio working on their new album. Brian Wilson has commented on the news:

"It's a sentimental thing for me. We've been together 50 years – that's a long time. Conceptually, the album is not going to be anything outlandish or silly, like Smiley Smile. It will be like the Beach Boys circa '65. I'm trying to write lyrics that fit the music without making it sound like you're writing from a hospice."

Their reunion tour starts tonight in Arizona, USA. You can watch the preview, below: