Profile: Us Baby Bear Bones

Today's Artist Profile is a brief look at a new band on the rise from Brighton, Us Baby Bear Bones.

Us Baby Bear Bones are a mysterious bunch, cleverly keeping themselves just under the radar. However, their latest track, You is slowly creeping into the spotlight with various blogs catching hold of their talents already.

Dubbing themselves purveyors of 'Dream Pop', members Puff Gandolfo, Daisy Emily Warne and Luke Phillips play a mix of ethereal soundscapes over layers of beautifully delicate vocals and interesting instrumentation. Although very dream-like, the music has a sense of authority about it, taking hold of the listener through it's rhythmical patterns and compelling lyrics. You is a very confident track, yet enchanting in it's loose and relaxed energy.

The band are currently preparing to release an EP in July, titled What Starts With A U Ends With An I, through Brighton record label, Love Thy Neighbour, of which You will be the first single from the release.

If you liket the sound of Baby Bear Bones, you can catch them live at the following dates:

  • 26th April - Sticky Mikes, Brighton (supporting Au)
  • 10th - 12th May - The Great Espace Festival, Brighton

Here's a sampler of Baby Bear Bones' music:

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