RHCP Want Jimmy Page For Knebworth Show

Red Hot Chili Peppers are hoping to get Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page to join them on stage at Knebworth on June 23rd.

In a recent interview, Chad Smith said that it would be a dream come true for the band:

"Jimmy Page has come to our shows before but we haven't had a chance to play with him. That would be really cool so maybe that can happen. Maybe we can get Page to come out to Knebworth. I saw him come on with Foo Fighters at Wembley"

The RHCP drummer also referenced the iconic history of Knebworth, revealing how excited the band were about playing the venue.

"Being a rock fan, Knebworth is particularly exciting. I first heard about Knebworth when Led Zeppelin played there in 1979, so to me it's hallowed ground and pretty cool that we will be following them."

"Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Queen and The Who – grew up listening to them. To go over to be accepted where these guys play blows ours minds. It's like a bucket list kind of thing, we can tick that one off."