Live Review: DJ Format & The Simonsound

DJ Format & The Simonsound - The Statement of Intent Album Tour

Not being a vinyl connoisseur it took DJ Format to release We know something you don't know, with it's excellent video, (rapping and break dancing sharks and tigers, anyone?) before he came to my attention. For me, hip-hop without all the guns, drugs and bling was a refreshing change. With a local appearance in the offing I snapped up a pair of tickets.

Norwich Arts Centre, inside the old St. Swithin's Church, is a great venue. Tickets are cheap, and with a capacity of under 300 it's a good balance between atmosphere and getting close to the action.

I knew I'd like the music as I have the album but would it translate well to a live performance, and who or what was The Simonsound? The simple answer to the former question was yes! Format interacted well with the crowd and was clearly enjoying himself and putting a lot into his performance, don't think it's just putting a record on! The Simonsound is Simon Jones in a Nasa flight suit, who along with DJ Format, has compiled a bewildering collection of stock footage, obscure pop videos, and bizarre cartoons all creatively coordinated with the music. Obvious comparisons can be made to DJ Shadow's Shadowsphere tour. While Format and The Simonsound were noticeably more low key, it would be totally wrong to consider theirs a poor man's version; it's so much more than that.

After the album tracks (and some earlier releases) with their AV show were exhausted, Format thanked the crowd and promised to keep playing tracks as long people stuck around and the venue were happy. The crowd as one were in full support and as midnight loomed the action moved into the bar with no end in sight!

After the show I chatted with Simon James (The Simon in Simonsound) and he revealed that the Visuals took two months of solid editing, having watched it I'm amazed at the dedication and that so many different sources of footage cold be turned up in that time! I can only hope that the show makes it onto DVD or download!

A great event and even if hip hop and turntables aren't your thing, the AV combined will still mesmerise you. Highly recommended.

Submitted by JohnnyStorm