Gigseen Tumblr: Share The Memories

As some of you may already know, here at Gigseen, we always like to be ahead of the game developing and experimenting with new technology and different methods of sharing our love of live music with you. So our latest venture is a Gigseen Tumblr Page.

Through this new page, we're helping to keep the memory of past gigs and concerts alive through your tickets. So, get the step-ladder out and dust of those boxes from the loft. Whether you have tickets from when you were younger or some special tickets from a concert you went to last week, we want to see them! Perhaps you have a rare ticket from an intimate concert, or a crumpled ticket to a band's last (or first!) concert, we want to know about it! This one is a particular favourite of ours:

All you have to do is send us a photo of your favourite gig tickets (the more the merrier!) and tell us what you love about them; a little description is always great, just makes it that more personal. And who knows, you might get someone commenting saying that they were at that gig, or they were sitting next to you!

It's all about sharing our love of music, so let's share the memories!

Mail a photo and description to: gigseennewsteam@gmail.com or if you have a Tumblr account, feel free to submit your own gig tickets using the button at the top.