On The Radar 21/02/12

Four new tracks comprising this week's 'Staff Picks' from the Gigseen TV office ... New music featuring from Wildlife Control, Trailer Trash Tracys, Van Susans and The Jezabels.

Wildlife Control - Analog or Digital (selected by Neil) - Analog or Digital is the first single from Wildlife Control's upcoming record. It’s actually a series of photos. 3,060 of them (digital 4tw!). "We took a photo every few seconds from sunrise to sunset—about 12 hours straight."

Trailer Trash Tracys - Wish You Were Red (selected by Grim) - Sound familiar? Seen a Renault commercial on TV recently? Listened to The Who's Baba O'Riley lately? Fan of The Jesus and Mary Chain? Blatant plagiarism aside, a cracking tune. Debut album Ester is out now.

Van Susans - Bones (selected by Matt) - The Van Susans are a 6 pice pop/rock band from South London. The track Bones is taken from their debut EP We Could Be Scenery, released last year. Once you stop humming Skinny Love by Birdy over the intro, it's a great track! Keep an eye out for their next single which will be available from March.

The Jezabels - Endless Summer (selected by Kate) - The Jezabels are an Indie quartet hailing from Sydney, Australia. Their music is a beautifully powerful blend of spectacular hooks, swelling melodies and dynamic arrangements. Within the female vocals, there are subtle influences of greats like Kate Bush and the more ethereal gospel entities of Florence Welch/Florence And The Machine. If you like the sound of that, then catch them on tour in the UK now, right through until March, when they head over to Europe.

Endless Summer is taken from their latest LP, Prisoner, released back in September.