On The Radar 14/02/12

Once more we line up the pick of incoming tunes this week that find themselves doing the rounds on the office gramophone... New music featuring from Ram's Pocket Radio, Disappears, Imperial Teen, Club Smith and VCMG.

Ram's Pocket Radio - Dieter Rams Has Got The Pocket Radios (selected by Kate) - Multitalented Peter McCauley is the brains behind indie/pop outfit, Rams Pocket Radio, responsible for vocals, guitar and piano on his track, Dieter Rams Has Got The Pocket Radio. His music lies along the vein of the arena bands such as Coldplay and Keane with the Northen Irish lad already having toured with the likes of Marina And The Diamonds and is set to embark on a European Tour with Snow Patrol from the end of February.

Disappears - Replicate (selected by Grim) - Disappears is a shoegaze / krautrock / garage rock band from Chicago formed in 2008. Formed by Brian Case (ex-90 Day Men) and Graeme Gibson, fleshed out with guitarist Jonathan Van Herik and bassist Damon Carruesco, Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth joined the band for their second LP in 2011. March 2012 will see the release of their third album - Pre Language.

Imperial Teen - Runaway (selected by Matt) - I discovered San Fransisco's Imperial Teen whilst browsing through the new releases on Spotify yesterday. Determined to listen to something I had never heard of, I gave it a shot. Runaway is a sugar coated, bubbly, colourful, deliciously catchy, power-pop anthem. I was immediately compelled to hum along and tap my foot, which is always a sure sign of approval. A great tune to warm up the day!

Club Smith - Beautiful & Useless (selected by Neil) - Club Smith are a four-piece band based in York and Leeds. Known for their energetic live performances they have toured venues across the UK as well as festivals and a one-off gig in Berlin in 2010. The band were one of the acts featured on the BBC’s 'Introducing' tent at the Reading and Leeds Festival in 2010 and have so far released two EPs in their current guise. Beautiful & Useless comes as the title track from their upcoming debut album.

VCMG - Single Blip (selected by Grim) - Second EP/single from VCMG; Depeche Mode's electro-pioneers Vince Clarke (Yazoo / Erasure) and Martin Gore back working together on some seriously thumping techno. Ssss – the debut album by VCMG – is out on March 13th 2012 and boasts ten tracks of the same Teutonic Motorik turn-ons. Written and produced by Clarke and Gore, the album was mixed by Timothy 'Q' Wiles and recorded and engineered by Sie Medway Smith and Clarke.

EP2 / Single Blip is set for release on 28th February.

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