Ok Go: "YouTube Not Profitable For Bands"

Ok Go have said that making money from YouTube is not a business model for bands.

The band's manager, Jamie Kitman, has apparently said that trying to make revenue from the video site was like "finding change in the street".

Despite receiving widespread praise and acclaim for their creative and original music videos over the years, including their 2010 promo for White Knuckles which featured the band and a collection of well-trained dogs, which racked up a whopping one million YouTube views in the first 24 hours of being online, Kitman insists that it's not a viable way for musicians to earn a living.

"I can speak to an artist who gets a lot of traffic, which is OK Go, and I would say that 'trickle' is the operative word, in terms of revenue we receive from places like YouTube and VEVO. The YouTube revenue is so small based on how many streams we've done that I would say it's not a business model, it's like finding change on the street."

Kitman also said that developing relationships with major advertisers wasn't a viable option for "developing bands" who didn't already have 175 million downloads. He suggested that musicians weren't receiving the financial benefit of some streaming services.

Watch their latest video forNeeding/Getting, below: