New Single From Kasabian: 'Narcotic Farm II'

Kasabian have posted a demo for a new song online – The track, entitled Narcotic Farm No.II, follows the 44 second long track Table Tennis Boom Box released last month.

Kasabian recently admitted that they think the music charts are dominated by 'pop acts', insisting there is a 'drought' of rock'n'roll' bands around. In an interview with Contact Music, the band said that they think the charts are 'overrun by pop' and that Kasabian are one of the only UK acts taking a risk with songs. Frontman Tom Meighan said:

"There's a rock 'n' roll drought at the moment, so I'm glad we're here. People are frightened of making records that sound good on the radio."

Guitarist Sergio Pizzorno added:

"We've been overrun by pop and I hate that indie attitude. Life's too short to give a f*ck."