Hole Guitarist To Release Kurt Cobain Book

Hole's co-founder, Eric Erlandson, has announced a book tribute to Kurt Cobain, published without the permission or co-operation of Courtney Love.

Titled, Letters To Kurt, the book is composed of prose and poetry; a collection of 52 chapters reflecting on rock'n'roll, drug abuse and the death of Cobain, and will be released by Akashic Books on the 8th of April - eighteen years after the Nirvana frontman's suicide.

"I never mentioned to [Courtney] that I had written the book, [but] I'm sure she's heard of it now. I had a lot of hesitation, [But] at some point [the book] just started to click and I started to honour it ... It just came out of me."

The relationship between Erlandson and Love is still somewhat difficult. The guitarist was not brought back into the band when Love resurrected Hole back in 2009. Although Love has recently dismissed the idea of a Hole reunion tour, Erlandson later revealed that Love was asking him to play with her, but he's "just not thinking that way". He also said that his interactions with Love follow the same well-worn patterns: "I felt like there was no transformation in our relationship at all. So that kind of worked its way into the book."