Tuesday Track - James Vincent McMorrow's 'Higher Love'

Tuesdays are usually fairly uneventful days, I think we'd all agree on that. And this particular Tuesday is a gloomy, windy day with temperatures dropping noticeably lower. Winter is looming, as is Christmas, and for the scrooges among you, I have a rather fitting track to lift a tired Tuesday afternoon.

The track I have chosen, is Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow. Some of you may recognise this track from the Love Film adverts on TV, and the real muso's will know the original record by legendary multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Steve Winwood. The track was a number one hit for Winwood in 1986, and featured Chaka Khan on chorus vocals, as well as the classic eighties upbeat synth sound.

James Vincent McMorrow is an Irish folk singer-songwriter whose music has been compared to other folk artists such as Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens and Ray LaMontagne. His debut album, Early In The Morning was released in February 2010, having recorded it during secluded writing sessions in Ireland, and James later appeared on BBC Two's Later.. With Jools Holland in May 2010. His version of Higher Love is a tender melancholy rendition of the song; something which didn't seem possible before I'd heard it.

McMorrow's voice is beautiful and heart-wrenching. Accompanied only by simple piano chords, his unusually high-pitched vocals ring-out and ooze with real meaning. The sheer genius of Winwood's compelling lyrics are celebrated, standing alone, not crowded by complicated, unnecessary instrumentation. McMorrow has produced a truly unique cover, and at the same time, ignited a classic song by a hugely talented artist. Who's version do you prefer? Let us know what you think!

You can also listen to some of McMorrow's own tracks from his album, below.