Jesus And Mary Chain To Reform?

The Jesus & Mary Chain could reform for new material and further live shows. Inspiring a new generation on fuzzy indie pop, the band have never been so relevant as of late. It is thanks to a recent re-issue project which ignited new interest in the band's back catalogue, and has left long-term fans demanding a full Jesus & Mary Chain re-union.

Since they briefly reformed back in 2008, they have only performed together once since then. Jim Reid explained that he could imagine further activity in the future.

"The Mary Chain will do more stuff whether that will be records or whether that will be tours. We still have a few fences to climb before that happens. The idea of doing another Mary Chain album is always around, but it's sort of difficult with me and my brother; we still have a difficult relationship. And he lives in Los Angeles and I live in the South West of England. So it's kind of difficult to get it together."

Commenting further on his relationship with his brother, Jim has stated that "it is better than it was", despite having spent "a year or two where we didn't actually speak to each other", and having a fight on stage in the late 90's which later led to the disintegration of The Jesus & mary Chain.

The re-issued version of The Jesus & Mary Chain's back catalogue are available now.