Video: Warpaint 'Yours Truly' Sessions

I must be slacking ... It's taken me over a week to spot these two videos of Warpaint performing Undertow and Bees via the basement of the folks at Yours Truly.

"It seemed like Warpaint came out of nowhere in 2009, evaporating from the LA beaches, catching the Santa Ana winds and misting down on our nose and eyelashes as the exquisite sounds of their Exquisite Corpse EP soaked into our skin. But, now it seems that the quartet has made it’s way back to the sea, swirling around in it’s darker depths, roaring in sound, yet rocking our boats ever so gently with their vocal harmonies. Get caught in the rumble of Undertow (above), and carried away by Bees (below), both from Warpaint’s new album, The Fool."