B-Boys Preview New LP With Sasquatch Help

Beastie Boys previewed the pretty fantastic video for the title single of their upcoming LP 'Make Some Noise' a few days ago - So I was somewhat miffed when within 24 hrs access to see it on a myriad of sites was restricted by hosts MTV.com to just the US only. Ho Hum, and -1 Brownie Points for the Beastie Boys.

Redemption however came in a rather unexpected form. Picked up first from a random tweet this afternoon it appeared that the band were set to preview a 'stream' of the entire album. Excellent news! So off I headed to beastieboys.com and found myself redirected to Livestream's site to experience this:

First off, what an absolutely brilliant way to market a pre-release album preview. An empty Madison Square Garden Stadium and a blasting beatbox mic-ed up in the centre playing the entire album. Shot: empty stadium. Shot: pumping speakers. Loop.

But when I say 'empty' I do of course mean that every now and then a guy in a Sasquatch suit will wander over to the PA and bust some very low-key moves. Inspired.
So for nearly an hour I sat, drank my coffee and watched the spectacle with about 4200 other folks gabbing away on facebook and twitter about just how cool this all was. And it was. Oh, and the music? - Beastie Boys are forgiven, and I shall certainly be buying the album when it comes out next month.